Modern and flexible

With our modern web fiduciary solution from Abacus, we provide you with a secure and flexible solution for managing your own accounting with many advantages:

  • Access possible at any time and from any location
  • You work on the same user interface as we do
  • No necessity for data exchange with us
  • We have the same processing status at all times
  • We can easily replace you at any time in an emergency, as we have access to the current data
  • Fast support by us is possible. We can view and check your data at any time
  • We save time, which leads to lower costs for you
  • The Abacus software is always up to date
  • There are no costs for software updates
  • High data security (encrypted and protected), daily data backup
  • No hardware costs in connection with your Abacus

Your contact person

Marcel Grisenti
Swiss-Certified Banking Specialist
+41 31 932 45 48