Audit / Revision

Taking into account the new, risk-oriented auditing standards, we, as authorised auditors, carry out limited audits and all special audits for you. In doing so, we not only weight the static results, but also attach particular importance to the company-specific characteristics that have a significant influence on the annual financial statements.

wirtschaftsprüfung.gfag is authorised as an auditor by the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority under the number 500703 and is therefore entitled to carry out the following audits:

The audit does not depend on the legal form of the audited organisation. In principle, all legal entities are subject to mandatory auditing, provided that certain criteria are met on the basis of statutory provisions. As the governing body of the company, we carry out a limited audit in accordance with the SER (Standard on Limited Statutory Audits) or, if no statutory auditors are required, a review in accordance with PS 910.

In addition to traditional auditing services, we provide statutory auditing services for company formations (Art. 635a CO), capital increases (Art. 652f CO), revaluations (Art. 670 CO) and special audits (697ff CO).

Even if no statutory audit is required, there is often a need for an audit of the financial statements. We support your company with special audits in accordance with PS 800ff (financial statements where statutory provisions on the financial statements are missing, special components of the financial statements, compliance with contractual agreements and summarised financial statements) and PS 900ff (review, agreed audit procedures and preparation of financial information) as well as with the introduction of an internal control system (ICS).

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